muumuu reveal

My Mimi gave me her old house coat, or muumuu, when I was 18. I think I wore it so much it almost fused to my body. I wore it doing housework, filming videos, after a nice shower, you name it. I’ll be buried in it probably. Everytime I throw it on it reminds me of her and my Texan roots. I’d like to share that love with yall!  

Slip into the ultimate comfort with the Broski Muumuu- a Texan memaw hug in fabric form! Perfect for lazy afternoons, glam sessions, intense housework, or whatever y’all do at home, I won’t judge!

Available in three gorgeous colors brainstormed by Brittany’s mom: Purdy Pink, Lonestar Lavender, & Bluebonnet Blue, each one adds a touch of Texas charm to your wardrobe!

And for the ultimate combo: pair it with Mimi’s Slippers—the perfect house shoes to either relax or get ‘er done!